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Culinary Design

Taking food to the next level


Presentation consulting for the hospitality & culinary industries


Food styling for PR & photo-shoot sessions


Professional concept-to-plate development & support

Food Presentation & Plating Consulting
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Shani Zarmi

Chef & Culinary Designer

Shani Zarmi is a valedictorian of the Academy of Culinary Arts (NJ, USA), and has worked and apprenticed at leading restaurants across the world - Daniel Boloud's restaurants (Daniel, DB Bistro, Cafe Boloud; New York), The Fat Duck (Bray, UK), Alinea (Chicago), Jacob's Ladder (Dublin), Baraka (Budapest), Reviva & Celia and Mul Yam (Israel). At Baraka in Budapest Shani was the head chef, and was selected as the Best Restaurant in Hungary. In 2007 Shani opened  Scarlet, which provides exclusive fine dining chef events.

Alongside her work as a chef, Shani is  a food stylist, working with food journalist Nira Russo at one of Israel's leading newspaper, Yediot Acharonot.  Shani is also a certified home styling designer.

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